Walls & Malls

Walls & Malls explores the visual connection between government and civilian activities. The erection of walls (such as the souther US border wall) are built for the purposes of specific exclusion or inclusion. Akin to the aesthetics of suburban gated communities, for those inside, walls promote safety under the guise of sameness. In a culture where sameness is rewarded with inclusion and difference or idiosyncrasies with suspicion and exclusion. Walls help place a premium on our specific location, politicizing the bodies of citizens as well as the landscape. Likewise, the funding and creation of retail real estate projects also subtly effects our relationship to the built environment and also excite our attitude toward money. Specifically its use as a device of agency used to illicit feelings of inclusion or to exclude those without means. Economic inclusion/exclusion are part and parcel of mall culture. Similar to a wall, the mall also politicizes the bodies of citizens and the landscape on which it sits. Both activities, subvert the agency of citizens, attack our perception of the built environment by forcing a political and economic divide while, separating people based on their perceived inclusion or exclusion.

Summary Block
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